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About Us
Company Overview

"Moftware is a company with operations in North America and affiliates in Europe and Asia. The company's four divisions – retail, wholesale & distribution, and manufacturing – all focus on providing the best products available in the market today for the wireless sector. This makes Moftware very well positioned towards further growth in the industry and sets us apart from our competitors since no other company has such an infrastructure in place."

The team at Moftware works to ensure that each customer has the best product selection, accurate order fulfillment, and 24/5 customer care and technical support.

Inc 5000 (formerly Inc 500) has selected as one of the fastest growing private companies in America for 2008. Listed among top 100 retailers in America (Rank: #40) and Overall (Rank: #1,042)

We have a range of diversified online stores specializing in wireless devices and accessories powered by Moftware. Our primary retail channel,, The Wireless Superstore, is a one-stop-shop for all the latest wireless products featuring everything from the latest Bluetooth to Software and even top of the line MP3 accessories.

We are also proud to serve all major government & military agencies and over 85% of Fortune 500 companies through our corporate and government sales program. Customized product solutions are delivered daily by our team of knowledgeable experts. In addition, many large government agencies and corporations take advantage of our Corporate Access Program enabling them to order products via specially customized website integrated through their IT infrastructures.

Wholesale & Distribution provides an unbeatable product selection at competitive industry prices for resellers. Since Moftware has direct relationships with many top manufacturers, bulk purchases often result in low prices, which we pass onto our wholesale customers. We have great turnkey solutions whether you are a retailer, B2B, or VAR.

We are the primary distributor for smartphone devices and accessories today and provide a complete logistics solution including easy re-ordering, drop shipping, and order tracking & management.

Amzer manufactures wireless accessories and gadgets. We started out by creating a small line of carefully designed products that are full of advanced features with contemporary styling. Over the past couple of years we have seen amazing growth and a fan base has developed for our product line. As a result we continue to forge ahead and develop new and exciting accessories where there is market demand.

"Amzer accessories are inspired by real life. Whatever the situation, Amzer has a wide range of products to custom fit your phone and lifestyle. In today's world all of us multi-task our smartphones and tablets so good protection is key. Whether you're looking for skins, leather cases, holster combos, screen protectors, or even power & battery solutions, we've got it covered.

What do we mean when we say inspired by real life? Well, let's just say our product testing isn't done in a factory somewhere ...or a lab. All of us at Amzer have families and kids and busy lives too. We put our products to test in our home and work environments to get proven results. Bottom line: if it the product works well for us and protects our phones and tablets then we know you're going to like it too."

Company History

The beginnings of Moftware are just as unique as the company itself. Founder Pinakin Dinesh always envisioned that people should be able to live, work, and play comfortably with their handheld devices everyday. So in 2002, while still in graduate school, he started GSMLocker out of frustration of having his smartphone being locked to carriers and the inconvenience of traveling with it internationally. From that point the development of the company and growth has spiraled exponentially and come very naturally at the same time.

In 2003 Moftware was incorporated and our first online retail store was established for accessories and mobile content. The wholesale & distribution, and manufacturing in Moftware followed suit accordingly and are a natural expansion of our expertise and reach within the wireless industry.

We believe our websites have caught on and gained a following very simply because we provide the best and most sought-after range of products & services from a variety of manufacturers. These products & services are carefully selected by us to help protect your device (translation: your lifeline) and make your day just a bit easier. New items are added daily so check back often to see what’s new. Our world is wireless and our hope at Moftware is to share with you in the amazing possibility of it all.

International Locations

Authorised affiliates-Europe- Moftware Ltd(UK)
Our operations in United Kingdom began in 2005 under the retail division and have since grown into additional niche online retail stores. Mobile and smartphone devices along with accessory sales in the UK and European market are strong. We offer customers a unique shopping experience and separate ourselves from other online and brick & mortar retailers in this market by providing a large product selection along with 24/5 customer service from a team that is fully knowledge about the wireless industry. 

Authorised affiliates-Asia-Moftware Inc (China)
Moftware China is an integral part of our existence as a global player in wireless. Operational since early 2004, our presence here has assisted in sourcing and quality control and now is growing and taking additional responsibility as a distribution hub in the Chinese market to support our retail operations in China.

Financial Information

Moftware Inc is a privately held company with financial backing provided by JPMorgan Chase.

For additional information please contact our Founder & Global CEO, Pinakin Dinesh at
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